MARC AND MARY have devoted their lives to theatrical artistic endeavors and have created New Visions Arts as a vehicle to share this knowledge and expertise with the community.

Mary devoted years studying with Stella Adler in New York City. Through Stella’s rigorous demands, she achieved the skill and insight to become a functioning artist and she has shared her talents in New York, Seattle and Newport.

Marc was mentored by Paul J. Curtis, founder of the art form, American Mime where, after a decade of study and performance, Marc was able to take the craft of movement theatre and apply it to his art.

Marc and Mary are the heart of New Visions Arts and as a unit they share a unified vision of bringing each and every individual closer to their creative potential and uplifting the individual’s recognition of their contribution to the whole. They help individuals open up, recognize their own ability to be empowered and then nurture, respect and bring out everyone’s consciousness of who they are.

A fundamental building block for New Visions Arts’s growth is in the idea of collaboration. Both Marc and Mary strive for individuals to feel they are listened to and they then assist them in sharing the tools that will enable them to realize their dreams.

With a lifetime of personal growth in acting, directing, producing, designing as well as through teaching and consulting, Marc and Mary are excited to share their journey with others, embark on new journeys with individuals and groups, and finally mark continuing moments of passage through all phases of performance.

Marc and Mary’s belief and attention to the process of creativity enables young and old, beginner or advanced artist, or just someone who wants to grow, to be embraced and guided to greater joy and a more meaningful expression of self.

With open arms, New Visions Arts welcomes you!